Take FIVE with your five senses!        10/10/19

This evening, take some time to yourself and replace one piece of homework with at least two activities from the ideas on this page. Using your senses to help you relax is a proven way to help focus and calm the mind. Today is Mental Health Day but remember, you can look after your mental health every day by taking some time out to:

  • HEAR Listen to the sounds of nature around you, relaxing music, the radio, an audiobook
  • SEE Close your eyes and imagine your favourite place, look closely at a flower or a small creature going about its business, the colours of the land/sea meeting the sky on the horizon
  • SMELL Inhale deeply before your favourite meal and focus on how the delicious aroma makes you feel, walk by the sea and notice the difference in the air
  • FEEL/TOUCH Put on your most comfortable clothes, snuggle up with your favourite soft toy/blanket, take time to correct your posture as you sit working and relax your shoulders, back and legs into your chair, squeeze a stress relief toy, go outside and move around.
  • TASTE Take a small piece of chocolate and let it melt in your mouth (WITHOUT chewing!), eat something crunchy (an apple, some toast, carrot sticks), enjoy something refreshing or tangy (citrus fruit).