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Whole School Oral Language Efforts

September/October 2019: Idioms

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Mon. 9th


Give it a shot- Try A piece of cake- Very Easy Be in hot water-Be in trouble It’s in the bag- it’s  certainty Get a kick out of- Enjoy!
Mon. 16th


Draw a blank- Can’t remember Be second to none- Be the best Have a change of heart- Change your mind Get your act together- Behave properly Out of the blue- With no warning
Mon. 23rd


Get cold feet- Be nervous A rip off- too expensive Play it by ear- improvise Have second thoughts- Have doubts Have a shot at- have a chance
Mon. 30th


Be in the same boat- Be in the same situation A grey area- Something unclear I’m all ears- You have my undivided attention Give someone the cold shoulder- Ignore someone See eye to eye- agree
Mon. 7th


Call it a day- Time to quit The icing on the cake- Something additional that turns good into great. Fish out of water- Being somewhere you don’t belong Hold your horses- Wait a minute Let the cat out of the bag- Tell a secret
Mon. 14th


Curiosity killed the cat- Asking may get you in trouble Cat got your tongue?

Why aren’t you talking?

Raining cats and dogs- It is raining very hard A little birdie told me- Someone told me a secret Bee in her bonnet- She is upset.
Mon. 21st


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