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School Calendar 2018/2019

 The following is the calendar for the current school year.

Opening: Thursday 30th August (12.30pm finish)

October Mid-term: Closed Mon 29th Oct – Fri. 2nd Nov

Christmas Holidays: Closing Fri. 21st Dec (12.30pm). Re-opening Mon 7th Jan (full day)

February Mid-term: Closed Mon 18th – Fri 22nd Feb

March: Mon 18th March

Easter Holidays: Closing Fri 12th April (12.30pm). Re-opening Mon 29th April (full day)

May: Closed Mon. 6thMay

June: Closed Mon. 3rd June

Summer closing: Closing Thursday 27th June (12.30pm)

Total= 183 days in school. You will be notified of any change to the calendar as soon as it arises.